Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Sunday, December 4, 2011

"We don't take Canadian pennies"

This thing right here..... ruined my life the other day.

Okay so I'm being a little dramatic, but let me explain. I am trying to purchase some medicine the other day on campus because I had a headache. The total comes to 54 cents or something like that. I decide I probably have enough change so I pull out my change and hand it to the cashier. She examines it, for way too long in my book, and then says:

"Sorry, but this is actually a Canadian penny"

Excuse me? What did you say? Canadian? I started to connect the dots. Someone, like me, had been shopping in the lovely US of A and given a cashier a Canadian penny and THAT cashier, doing their job properly, didn't examine the penny for a year and a half so they accepted it. Then that same cashier had the lovely experience of ringing me up who knows how much later and gave me that sweet Canadian penny as change. Of course, I would have the experience of later getting an anal cashier that would deeee-ny me of that cursed penny.

Anyone want a Canadian penny? Don't think I'll be headed in that direction anytime soon....

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