Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tis the season of Christmas parties

I don't normally go to a lot of Christmas parties. I think that's why I'm hardly in the Christmas spirit once I'm actually home for Christmas and it's like a week away. Which is always a bummer. This year though has been quite out of the ordinary as I have been to 6 Christmas parties. Yeah, that's right, 6. To make things even crazier, 4 of them were back to back, one after another, each night. So you better believe I have had the chance to get in the Christmas spirit earlier this year!

Party #1: Heather's home ward Christmas party.
This shindig was closer to the beginning of December. Kim and I joined Heather because we thought it would be fun to dress up and eat good food. Heather had played up her home ward Christmas parties to us because the food was to die for. So we ventured there with her and one of the first things we did was take a couple pictures at the photobooth, as you can see above. What Merry Tacular means, we still have no idea. So fill us in if you know... Anyway, after checking out the food we discovered it was not to die for this year. Have no fear, it still ended up being an awesome party because something happened that we also did not expect to happen at all. There were actually single RMs there. Shocker, I know. We spotted a few and Heather's mom somehow convinced the bishop's wife to make them come over and talk to us. We were expecting a quick hi, but thanks to the pizza Heather's parents ordered since the food was a bust, they actually hung out with us the rest of the party. They were fresh off the mish, which means they are younger than me (that is a very very strange concept I have come to accept recently) but seriously we were dying laughing the whole evening. They were hilarious and definitely good company. The next night we even had a game night with them and I won't explain the game, but lets just say the phrases "booty drop" and "I'm gay" were playing through my head that Monday at school. I promise it was an appropriate game. ;)

Party #2: Our actual ward Christmas party.
This occurred on a Monday night for FHE. They served dinner, but we combined with another ward and so it took like half a freakin hour to get food. We definitely sat at the wrong table and got served close to last. My stomach almost started eating itself. We enjoyed some great Christmas musical numbers from fellow wardies too and then made gingerbread houses. I consumed my entire body weight in candy since gingerbread houses are not my expertise. Don't judge me. As you may or may not be able to see above, we created The Burroughs from Harry Potter for our house. Yes, we are that awesome.

Party #3: Shindig that a random wardie through the last day of classes
It was at this party that I discovered the true talents of my roommate Heather Brown. This party consisted of socializing, food, mistletoe (of course), cookie decorating, and making snowflakes. First, we made snowflakes. I failed. Heather succeeded. Then, we decorated cookies. I did mine in two minutes and ate it and Heather created two masterpieces. Epic fail for me. Great success for Heather. Above we have the picture of us posing with her cookies! Perhaps one day I can learn the special ways of Heather Brown.

Party #4: Ugly Christmas sweater party thrown by another wardie on Friday night
sI don't like looking ugly so I opted out of going in an ugly sweater. Just kidding, I just couldn't find one. Sadly. But don't you worry, Sean sported a sweatshirt that could have fit my 4 year old nephew as you can see above and below we have Thongvun in a truly authentic ugly Christmas sweater that he himself created. Lovin the creativity guys. We partook of some delicious food and then watched The Polar Express after the party. I do believe that was the pivotal moment for me getting in the Christmas spirit. :)

Party #5: Awkward Christmas Party thrown by Rachelle and Brian, the lovely couple to beThis party was definitely a hit. Not only was it great to see Rachelle and Karissa and catch up with them, but there was also great food and tons of awkwardness. We did a White Elephant gift exchange and Ryan and I scored some great awkward gifts. First we opened some stool softener, to find out there were only mints in it. I would have been happier if the stool softener was still in there myself. Feeling jipped, since that was actually just an extra gift in case someone didn't bring one, I was happy to be told we could open the last gift on the table and have that instead. Inside there was a mirror, which ended up being a creepy Halloween mirror with a face that appears in it when you press a button (great Halloween decoration if you ask me). There was also a blow up Spiderman and we won't talk about the awkwardness associ
ated with that one. You can use your imagination. There was also a piece of fine jewelry and an inspirational stamp. I was quite pleased. The gift we brought was actually the first one to be opened, probably because of this:
Pink flamingos. Doesn't get much more awkward than that. At least that's what Ryan and I thought. They had an awesome blow up snowman which we all decided to take pictures with at the end as you can see. Sweet.

Party #6: Mzungu African Christmas Bash thrown by Aubs

I didn't get any pictures on my camera from this party, but it was a great final celebration after finishing finals. I love catching up with my Africans (that is, those that I went to Africa with, but who's being technical anyway?) and eating great treats. We also did a white elephant gift exchange and Jen and I totally forgot and remembered right when we got there, so blow up Spiderman and Inspirational stamp had to be regifted. Luckily they were still in my car from the week before! The best gift of the night is a toss up between the sweet reindeer hat that Jenner got that sang and moved or the giant fortune cookie that Whit got that apparently had been used back in the day to ask Aubs' sister to a dance. Blew my mind. We got to reminisce about Africa at the end of the party and it was such a fun time.

It's definitely the holidays! Hope the rest of you have been able to get into the Christmas spirit too. 5 days till Christmas! Now I am at the ultimate Christmas party of all, with none other than my family. Just waiting for the rest of em to get here through for the real partying to begin! Cheers.

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