Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stumped by a 4 year old and a 2 year old

I am currently spending my days in Crestwood, KY with my sister's family. Which means I have been playing a lot with a certain two nephews of mine, Bennett and Liam. They are some of the funniest little boys ever! Meet them.
They are partners in crime. Last night we were playing hide n go seek and they were being pretty loud and hiding in really obvious places - however, as the great aunt that I am, I still pretended I couldn't find them at all and they would just laugh their heads off. We tried to teach them the true ways of the game so Gram (my mom) tried to suggest to them some better places to hide.

Gram: "Bennett, come here and I'll tell you some places to hide!"
Bennett (within total hearing distance of me, the finder): "I already found one, I'm under the curtain!"

We couldn't help but laugh. I don't think he fully understood the concept of the game. :) Well then, Gram did in fact give them some pointers and I seriously searched the upstairs for them and couldn't find them! I thought I looked everywhere and they weren't making a peep. Those boys! Sad to say that I was stumped by my own nephews. Lo and behold, I found them in my sister's closet.

The past couple days have also consisted of playing Dragons. This always consists of me being a human looking for dragons (Bennett and Liam) and within moments of me finding them they breathe fire on me and kill me. And then I have to lay there. Forever. Covered in a red blanket to symbolize my blood. Awesome.
What crazy things do your nephews make you do?


  1. Two coolest boys EVER. I miss them right now. I'm ready to be the dead dragon again.

  2. I think Bennett has been hanging around Josh too much. And I don't have nephews just nieces. We spin and twirl and pretend to be princesses and occasionally I have to save them from monsters. its a good life. :)

    ps- This is Jamie Gilreath. :)