Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday shenanigans

For a lot of people, Sunday is usually considered a low-key day or a day of rest. Here at the McKarns household we take a different approach. For us, it's a day of rest AND a day of absolute excitement.

You see, usually we take a 2 to 3 hour nap after getting home from church at noon, but then (and I don't know if it's because of the nap) we end up so hyper that one of the following things usually ends up happening:

a. Adam decides to steal something of mine and hide it so I have to run around the apartment to try and find it

b. Adam himself decides to run around and hide from me and then jump out at me and scare me over and over and over - and every single time it works and I scream! You'd think there are only so many places to hide and I would catch on but this condo actually has a lot of doors I've realized, which opens up a lot of options.

OR (what happened today)

c. Adam decides to try and sneak some ginger ale after he tells me every day that he is on a "no pop" diet [sidenote: for those of you not from the greater Ohio, this means "no soda"; not to worry though, everyday "pop" comes out of his mouth I correct him by saying "you mean soda?" ... it's a common topic of conversation in our household] and as I'm catching him in the act he somehow manages to run away with the soda and he's so fast that he gets me in our hallway and is able to run back out into the
kitchen/living room area before I can and holds the door shut to that area while he "DRINKS WATER" .... but Mrs. McKarns is not stupid, and she knows that he is really drinking the ginger ale! He lets me out after a few minutes and I presume to find the hidden soda here at exhibit A:

His cute little face shown below acting so innocent after he has "drank his water" - PSHT!

Then just a few short hours later I make some popcorn (one of my most prized possessions since being married - don't ask me why, but it's like I got married to Adam and a switch went on in my brain that tells me everyday "Megan, you're addicted to popcorn! Go eat some!") and he steals it from me and runs around the house yet again and hides in every room while I'm chasing him laughing so hard as he pops out of every room in our house and gets away from me each time!

Welp, if I've learned one thing in the last three months of marriage (yep, Adam just notified me as I'm writing this that it's our 3 month anniversary today! how tender!) it's this:

Adam McKarns is a SNEAKY THIEF!

Birthday countdown for the thief: 3 days :)


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Quote of the day

Adam is reading one of his textbooks and I'm sitting nearby him just on my computer looking at Facebook...

Adam: Do you know what enclave actually means? 
Me: E-N-C-L-A ....... oh wait *starts laughing*

Needless to say, he looked at me with the funniest face! He asks me how to spell stuff a lot and for some strange reason at first I thought he was asking me to spell it.... we both laughed for like 5 minutes!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

So this one time, I got married, and now it's two months later...

K I am seriously the worst blogger lately. I have decided. And I really have no excuse because I don't work until 3pm everyday and most days I don't have a ton on my plate to get done before I go to work... but yet still, the blog gets neglected. On many days I think to myself, "I should blog", but then I don't. Weird.

I figured I might finally answer that question everyone always asks: "So how's married life?" 

When this is asked in person, the answer is always "oh it's good!" but really, they kinda want more than that but you're never going to say more than that in person. Here is where you can actually say some more. 

Since Adam and I have gotten married, some of our happenings include: 
1. Setting up our new place that was actually already set up pretty much - in the sense that we were lucky enough to move into my parents' condo that is fully furnished. It was very nice because I was already overwhelmed with feeling the need to decorate as a new wife - it was pretty much done for me though and we just added some of our own touches, like this beauty for instance:

We still need to put up all our wedding photos and such in the frames that we had at our reception, but other than that it's looking pretty good!
            a. Yeah, I really am including a 1a here, but I just wanted to add a little story here... since Adam and I didn't really have to buy furniture or anything we were able to focus (maybe too much) energy on the exact placement of our items in our new home. It makes me laugh now just thinking back to this, but one of the first things I learned about Adam that was different than me was that he can't stand a closet that seems cluttered. For me though, on the other hand, I see it as the closet is the only place I'm fine with clutter because we are the only ones that go in it and so it doesn't need to be as presentable as the rest of the house - so naturally I wanted both our laundry baskets to go in there making it a little tight after I put my one too many pairs of shoes in the closet. I didn't think it would be a big deal and didn't even know it was a big deal until a few days later. Little did I know Adam was stressing inside about how much stuff there was in our closet and how he felt like he couldn't walk around in it at all even though it's a walk in closet. I asked him how much time each day he would spend in the closet walking around in it (I mean seriously, it's not that much time right?!) and I don't even remember what he said but I don't think I bought his answer. It is seriously making me laugh so hard just thinking about our tiff over this - we finally realized neither of us was going to budge in opinion and that we needed to find a compromise, like all good married couples do, and what do you know, we came up with one that worked for both of us. All that sweating for nothing!

2. We have tried to get into a fairly good routine with cooking good meals (although some nights and weeks it's tough when I work pretty late = not able to fulfill my wife duties as the best cook ever, which really makes me want a new job) since we have been married. Adam brought his famous stir fry into the mix, while I brought my famous tilapia and spinach salad and since then we have expanded to include a few new delicacies - such as fish tacos, chicken salad, curry, hearty sandwiches, potstickers, hamburgers with pineapple and dr. pepper flavored bbq sauce on them (yes it does exist!) and this one time I tried this new balsamic honey cilantro chicken recipe. They have all been delightful except for the balsamic honey cilantro chicken ended up being a liiiitttle strong in flavor - but now we know to cut back on some of the ingredients and it will be better! Here are the fish tacos, they just looked so good I had to take a picture!

Oh and the time we made hamburgers with the pineapple and dr. pepper flavored bbq sauce, they tasted perfectly fine, but I laughed so hard because I think Adam forgot that hamburgers shrink in size as they cook and the hamburgers ended up being like half the size of the bun. I could not stop laughing! I felt so silly eating it, but really it just made the evening more exciting haha. Oh and I only ate like 2 potstickers when we made those because Adam expressed so much concern over the pork being cooked enough and he was never quite sure it was cooked enough - and if you know me, you know that I NEVER take a chance on food that could make me sick.... but thank goodness the next day Adam sent me an article on how pork can have some pink to it and still be cooked all the way to ease my worries! Love him.  Here's us with our potstickers:

Oh and then there was that one week that I am so proud of that we came up with 5 different meals that incorporated turkey into them so we could eat up the turkey that we made all on our own (thanks to NuSkin, where Adam works) right before Thanksgiving. Nothing like turkey sandwiches, turkey enchiladas, turkey tacos, turkey pasta, and...  I forget the last one... all in a row! And I'm sorry, but you have to watch this video of Adam with the turkey (please disregard the way that I say "and this is why I love my husband" in the video - I sound so retarded haha):

And that's why I married him! And here's me... I think turkeys look so weird before they are cooked! There's this part on the body that is super squishy and felt so weird. We seriously had way too much putting together this turkey and cooking it!

And last but not least, there's the time I made some brownies to be a nice wife, and as I'm cutting into the brownies with a knife Adam cringes and reminds me that that will ruin the pan! I ask him how else we would cut them if we didn't have a knife. I guess you're supposed to use a tough spatula or something to pierce them. I'm still processing the idea of cutting brownies without a knife, since "cut" and "knife" are basically synonymous to me. We can't forget the time that Adam made some popcorn and brought it into the living room and somehow dumped the whole bowl out by accident. I don't know why, but I laughed so hard! Poor Adam picking up his popcorn:

3. Since you're probably all bored to tears by now, I will just include one last thing: being married to Adam opened me up to a whole new world of free NuSkin products. He seriously has the best job ever. My face and hands have never been so soft! It's like I'm in moisturizing heaven, and it all smells so good too. I told him that even when he has a career he needs to still work like 5 hours a week at NuSkin so we can get these products forever! Probably a stretch, but a girl can dream!

PS. I just have to include these last two photos because they're so cute and funny. Here's Adam all cute after he voted (sort of an ordeal, I went with him to try and vote and then was almost late to work over it so I had to leave him there and make him run to work, which I felt HORRIBLE but he convinced me it was okay and then he didn't even get to vote after all that cause he didn't have something with his proof of new address on it... so he had to go back after work to vote. poor guy) and then there's us with the hot chocolate on a stick we got from Jordan and Dane's dinner party - this picture is absolutely hilarious because I was trying so hard to get a picture of both of us holding our sticks with our names on them, but then something happened with my name .. I think I ripped it or something, and then last minute as we are about to take the photo, Adam takes off his paper with his name on it and underneath he had written Megan just on the stick .... so mine doesn't say anything and his says Megan! After all that! And look at his mischievous little face. I could kill him!

Until next time!