Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to be Hip 101

Meet my dad.
SO hip, right? The mismatched gloves and goggles are quite the number.

As hip as he might look already, lately I've decided it would be fun to teach him some more hip words. This all came about one day when he called me and we had this exchange:

Me: "What up"
Dad: "Uhh what up jiggity home dawg"

Yeah. Jiggity. That's when I knew he needed some help. He tries very hard to go along with me, but usually he makes up words that really just don't work. For instance: bolicious which according to him is a "word that is happenitomy, ya dig?"


He also throws out groovy a lot. He'll ask me if I'm groovin and I tell him that the 70s are over and sadly they are not coming back.

So far I have taught him the concept of shortening words - like saying tots instead of totally and he has started using that pretty regularly and it just makes me laugh. The best part though is he said it wrong at first - he was talking to my mom on the phone while I was with her and he wanted her to tell me to be "tots chill" or something and I hear my mom say "tell her to be tots what??" (but pronounced it like tater TOTS). It took pretty much everything in me to not bust up laughing.

Any suggestions of other hip things I should continue to teach him are welcome.

Love you dad! Thanks for making me laugh so much all the time over this new game.

Bachelor becomes real life

Ever felt like you are one of the many girls that a guy is taking out and you're waiting to see if you're gonna win and he's gonna decide he likes you the best?

Sign me up? No thanks.

I'd rather he pick me and only me from the start. Is that so much to ask?

Tell me.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Make that 6!

This is an incredibly happy post because....

SQUIRTLE RETURNS!!!!! with demon fish in tow.

You see, my *slaptastic roommate Kim made the excellent decision to purchase another turtle after our little guy before so abruptly committed suicide. At least, that is what we think, due to the one too many times that I dropped him on his back. My bad. :/

What a surprise when I found out, not only was she getting a new turtle (who of course we are still naming Squirtle), but also some sort of creepy fish I like to call demon fish. His real name is Shark Bait, but I've been calling him demon fish so much that I think Shark Bait may be replaced... sorry Kim. Why do I call him demon fish? Well, just see for yourself.

Pretty sure that explains it. Creepy.

And that is how we came to have six lovely creatures in this humble abode.

*slaptastic has no current definition, but is a combination of the words hilarious, legit, and zombie

Friday, February 3, 2012


It is funny how sometimes when you have more time on your hands you can get less done. So, confession time...

I have not been too busy to update my blog. I just haven't.

Call me a sinner. Call me lazy. Call me whatever you want! This last month I started my new job. I haven't been getting quite as many hours as I would like, however, I think the hours I have gotten could potentially end up being a blessing. For this next month, I only work in the mornings from 6-9 am. This is good for two reasons:

1. It forces to me to get out of bed at a decent hour. Actually an insanely early hour if we are being literal, but nonetheless I'm not sleeping the day away.

2. It gives me the opportunity to easily apply to other full time jobs and work a normal 9-5 day at another job and make millions. Literally. That psychology degree opens me up to some HIGH PAYING jobs, just fyi. Okay so I'm lying, but realistically this will keep my busy and allow me to live more comfortably.

And for those of you wondering, I actually really have been loving my job. The first week I wasn't sure how I would like it, but I look forward to the time I get to spend with my girls. They all have profound mental retardation/hypothyroidism and are so low functioning that they cannot talk, but it's been a rewarding time learning how to communicate with them. It just goes to show that you don't have to talk to someone to really get to know them and understand them. I don't know how appropriate this analogy is, but it kind of reminds me of my old dog Holly. She obviously never talked, but I still felt like she had a cute little personality and spoke in sentences to me sometimes. My girls are the cutest with such sweet personalities and I have gotten to the point where I often know what they are thinking even though they can't say it. I wish I could disclose more, but I actually am really not supposed to talk about my job for confidentiality purposes. We'll see how well I do with that.

So since I work from 6-9 am, you may or may not be wondering what I do the rest of the day. Well, for one, I apply to like 20 full time jobs a day for a few hours each day. But I also have lots more time to read for pleasure, study my scriptures, go to the temple, visit with friends, exercise, clean, interview for jobs, and sing. I also have taken the necessary steps to start volunteering in Mother/Baby at the Hospital nearby, which is going to straight up awesome. So I am filling my time, but why blogging has not been on the list, I do not know.

Hence the update.