Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ain't no party like a glow stick party

Sometimes I feel like life with kids for all parents around the world is the same - we're all dealing with the same monotony of all that goes into taking care of small humans day in and day out. However, in our house, if I had to pick one thing that may set us apart from other households, it is our glow stick parties. A few months ago Maeve started acting afraid of the dark and so Adam thought it we bought some glow sticks for her to play with in the dark it might help her enjoy it instead of be afraid of it. Eventually this turned into nightly dance parties with glow sticks, nighttime baths with glow sticks and her sleeping with at least one glow stick every night! I used to give all the baths around here but now it's sorta Adam's thing ever since he told them he'd give them one in the dark with glow sticks. He's taken over and I am not complaining! It is pretty cute to watch them both fascinated by the glowing water. We've gotten some pretty fun pictures to show for it all too!


One night Adam decided to put some on the fan and turn it on.... It looked pretty cool, not gonna lie!

Maeveisms Chapter 2

My mother in law recently came up with the term Maeveisms for all the funny things Maeve does/says. What a perfect term for it! I'm sure it comes as no surprise these words/actions come from her given the above facial expressions 👆 - she is clearly quite the character. All I did was ask her to smile! 😂 I've worked up another good batch of Maeveisms so here we go....

1. She has been doing this one for awhile but I don't think I ever mentioned it, or knowing me I did and just think I didn't because mom brain! I make these Lentil sloppy joes from time to time and instead of calling them sloppy joes she calls them trader joes... 😂😂😂. We do happen to love that store so I can't blame her for the confusion!

2. She's pretty sassy and has developed a bit of an attitude that she throws at me sometimes. Just the other day with attitude in her voice she said to me "I do NOT have an attitude!" - picture whiny voice with the hands on the hips. Yep. You keep talkin girl. She likes to turn my discipline tactics on me sometimes and if she doesn't like my proposal she will say "Here's the deal!..." 🤦‍♀️I also often say to her "here's your options" and now she says that back to me sometimes too. 😥🤷‍♀️

3. One time I said to her "I'm just gonna run do something real quick, I'll be right back" - she kinda protested for a minute and I assured her I'd be fast and then she said "No, no! Mom be slow, just go slow so you don't hurt yourself!" 😂😂 Just looking after me, that sweet girl. 😍

4. I don't remember the exact situation but I had approached her surprised about something and asked her when she had done that thing and she replied "Oh, 6 minutes ago!" - excuse me, what? How old are you?? 😂

5. She has the best memory but for some reason still always recalls things as having happened yesterday. Doesn't matter if it was yesterday or 3 months ago, she will still just say it was yesterday and remember it as if it was! Cracks me up.

6. We were at Toys R Us a while back and she was obsessing over a play microwave. It was pretty cheap so we went ahead and just bought it for her and she always refers to it now as her microwaver! 😂😂

7. She has always loved her white stuffed Lamby but as of late she's been especially attached. We can't even leave the house without it. One day I tried to get her to keep it in the car while we went grocery shopping and she resisted so I said "Lamby just has to come?" and she responded "yes, I'm obsessed with him!" 😂😂😂 - you got that right, girl! During that whole shopping trip she was being especially cute and helpful and when I told her we had picked up the last thing she said "Yay! We are done with our errands!" - she really picks up on everything I say haha. I am pretty impressed with her vocabulary!

8. Recently she's been having fun climbing into Rowan's exersaucer (and looks like a total giant as shown below 😂👇). She was praying before bedtime one night and said "We thank thee for our healthy bodies. We thank thee for our healthy exersaucer that I like to go in." 😂🤔 Not sure why she considers it healthy but she had me laughing!

9. Her new phrase is "I'm good!" - I asked her the other day what veggies she wanted for lunch and gave her the options. After thinking for a minute she said "Hmmm.... I'm good! (without any)" - unfortunately I don' think it works that way sis. You gotta pick one!

10. Sometimes she likes for me to lay with her for a couple minutes at night before goes to sleep. Usually before I even decide to call it quits, she is ready to go to sleep and says "Leave me mommy!" 😭😂 💔 I'm glad she feels ready, but still a little heartbreaking!

And that's a wrap for this time. Peace. ✌️


I can't seem to get myself caught up here on blogging. Such is life, right? I chip away at posts, life continues, and more things happen to post about! 🤷‍♀️I'm tempted to just bang out a bunch back to back so I don't feel behind anymore. We shall see if I can get the motivation to do that.

Easter! Let's talk about it. We had a fun one and I prepared for it last minute as per usual. The festivities started the weekend before when we went to a community egg hunt. When we got there Rowan needed to eat first so I stayed behind in the car for a few minutes getting him happy and fed. Adam ended up calling me telling me there was really loud music playing so I ended up just staying in the car the whole time anyway to spare Rowan's ears. A bit of a bummer because I knew Maeve would be more into the egg hunt this time, but luckily it was super fast and the event was about over anyway so before long they were back in the car. According to Adam it was pretty chaotic so Maeve still needed his help, so I didn't miss much. He didn't get to snap any pics during it but I got this pic of her by the car and she's killing me in Adam's jacket. She got cold so he helped her out. 😍😍 She was so excited to show me her eggs!

I can't even... 

On Easter Sunday itself I pulled together some cute little baskets for the kids and Maeve ended up dominating most of Rowan's stuff too - figures. 🤦‍♀️Luckily he doesn't care too much yet!
Love these little sleepyhesds with their baskets. 

That afternoon we went to Portland, TN and had an early Easter dinner with my Aunt and Uncle and cousin and his family at his house. The food and company was great and its fun seeing them every now and then now that we live in the area! We had a little egg hunt with the kids and dyed eggs too. Maeve had a blast with Cam (cousin Chuck's son) - he's so cute with her, they are little buds. It was a little unusual in that it was conference weekend too, so we didn't go to regular church meetings and dress up. So I didn't end up caring enough to get a family photo, but Maeve and I did wear our matching spring leggings so that had to documented. 😉 It was a fun little Easter spent with family!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Almost 30

My birthday was almost a month ago. It was actually my golden birthday - turned 29 on the 29th. Ironically, Adam and I both had our golden birthdays this year. Anyway, despite being in denial that I am almost 30 (which is how I will now be referring to my age), it shaped up to be a pretty great day.

Adam was able to take the day off work so he let me sleep in and he dealt with the kids when they woke up and also made me some fancy peanut butter waffles with a peanut butter chocolate sauce to go on top. Basically every birthday I've had the last few years I have every form of the chocolate/peanut butter combo that there is throughout the day. Can't go wrong there! We relaxed for a bit and then got ready for the day. While I was doing make up I heard Adam playing the birthday song on his guitar trying to teach Maeve how to sing it. I could hear her saying every so often "3, 2, 1 go!" - that little girl makes me smile! She got a little shy for the performance, which was cute and I loved their little performance!

After Rowan's morning nap we went to Bargain Hunt. I scored some good shoes for Rowan to grow into and a pair of flats for myself as well! I decided bowling would be fun since Maeve hasn't really gotten a chance to do it yet - so we did that next! We had the place mostly to ourselves for a while so it was fun!! The kids loved it and we've got the proof. I couldn't decide if flash or no flash was better based on the bad lighting of the place which is why I switched back and forth between the 2 in these pics.

Love my cuties, including the tall one

Look at that perfect baby skin! His face and coloring couldn't be anymore perfect, am I right?! 

Love her scrunchy smile. The pics I get with my kids make me look even better - their cuteness goes a long way 😂

We took turns helping her bowl 

Killin me how massive the ball looks next to her 😂

Her in all her glory after she got a strike! She was VERY excited 😍

My boys 😍😍😍 - Rowan got a few turns pushing the ball and even he loved it! 

Lookin fine on Daddy's shoulders

After bowling, we went out to dinner at O'Charley's - nostalgic for me since I used to go there somewhat often with my fam back when we lived in North Carolina and when we'd visit Tennessee. I was alllllways obsessed with their rolls (gimme a good roll - or 6 🙈 - with my good and I'm happy) and man, they were just as good as I remember. Luckily my meal was also quite tasty so I left satisfied with my choice!

Maeve is getting better and better at being picture ready and smiling without being told to 🙌🙌
With our bellies full, we went home and put the kids in bed. I talked to a few family members and Adam worked on my cake (more like a pie) - a little elaborate so it had to be done in segments and we ended up having it the next night! After I got off the phone, we pulled out some Raspberry coke and watched Jumanji. I fell asleep halfway through as per usual, but finished it the next day. It was pretty funny! We both liked it.

The next night the birthday pie did not disappoint! It was a peanut butter oreo crust with a layer of soy vanilla ice cream mixed with peanut butter to make a peanut butter ice cream, then a Brownie layer, and topped with cream cheese frosting mixed with peanut butter to make a peanut butter frosting! He put peanut butter oreos around the edge too. It was a chocolate peanut butter vegan dream!! I just love this video Adam took while they sang Happy Birthday - don't mind that Rowan almost burned his hand off! 😂🙈

It was a birthday for the books and the celebration ended last week when I got my birthday present of going to FINALLY see Wicked. When I found out it was coming to Nashville, I knew we had to finally go and as a birthday present was a perfect way to do it. It was so great!!! The vocals were incredible and I got nostalgic and emotional since I performed Defying Gravity back in high school - it was unreal to finally see it all performed instead of just listening to the songs!! The story was cute too. It was the perfect night out just the two of us!!

I might be almost 30, but I'm still 29 and feelin fine! 🤗

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

10 months of pure sweetness

This little nugget is 10 months old as of a week ago!

I am in serious denial that we only have 2 more months until he is 1. Look at him! Where has my teeny baby boy gone?! He is such a joy for all of us and his smile and laughter are just infectious. He is a very busy boy and has changed so much over the last month. Here's the latest and greatest:

1. He is pulling up onto everything and is now walking along furniture like there's no tomorrow. He is also using his walker on his own and it is so cute to watch him walk with that thing. I had to straight up teach Maeve how to use that when she was a baby and it was not an easy task - but one day I just thought, hmm he might be able to walk with that now, I put him on it and he was doing it like a pro with minimal help. 2 days later he didn't even need my help! I did get this video though of him biffing it and it cracks me up! 😂

2. With this new busyness comes some mischief. He likes to find his way to the bathroom and dip his little hands into toilet water 😝 and he also seriously has a knack for finding paper and trying to eat it. I have had to fish paper out of the VERY back of his mouth before (it was from a page of a book that he ripped out at Once Upon a Child 🙈) and have gotten it off the roof of his mouth a few times too. It was probably in his mouth for 10 minutes with the Once Upon a Child incident, poor child, and somehow it stopped making him gag - I didn't even see it in the back of his mouth until he got mad about something and opened his mouth really wide! The little bugger keeps me on my toes more than his sis did. 😥

3. He FINALLY is liking some solid real food. When I introduced it at 9 months he gagged on everything majorly. Like even the tiniest piece of a puff, no exaggeration. So I gave him some more time and he is now comfortable with puffs, Cheerios, and bread. He's tried tons of other stuff but is hard to please - I think the new textures are still throwing him off. He'll eat a few bites of avocado, pears, mandarin oranges, stawberries, and sweet potato before he's totally disinterested and over it. So we're still in transition mode and I will be jumping for joy when he's just a happy eater of all things in non-pureed form.

4. He's a totally bizarre baby in that he STILL will blow out of his diaper (that clearly isn't going to stop until the purees stop) and he just finally cut his first tooth but it's one of his top side incisors. Since when does a baby not cut a bottom or at least a top middle tooth first?! He likes to do things his own weird way I guess!

5. He is such a chatterbox and can make the ma-, ta-, da-, and ba- sounds now. He is also starting to attempt to mimic us when we make funny noises with our lips or make faces at him. He will randomly wave sometimes, though he has no idea what he's doing but it is so cute to see him move those little fingers. This is my favorite clip of a sound he loves to make now - seriously the best. 😂😂

6. He loves to dance by rocking his body back and forth whenever we have music on for our nightly dance parties with Maeve. It seriously kills me to watch him. He's gonna get into the music somehow, even if that's the only move he's got! 😂

7. He's successfully gotten water out of his sippy cup once, but now he just likes to play with it. I'm hoping he will be able to drink consistently soon if I just keep giving it to him, especially since he's seen that his sis can drink out of one!

8. I just switched him over to a big boy carseat and it is blowing my mind that I'm now putting that infant car seat away for a second time. It seriously feels like we just got it out again! 😭 Time needs to slow down. Here's my cute big boy, whether I want him to be getting bigger or not...

I think that about wraps up the latest and greatest achievements of our sweet little man. Now for more pics from the photoshoot - some fun outtakes considering the entire time he was trying to do a head dive off the couch... 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

We played this game a million times where he would try and dive off the couch and I'd push him back onto the couch against the pillow - he laughed his little heart out every time I did it 😂😍

Squeezing the life out of his doggy, NBD

His sticker might be covered, but he wasn't in motion and it's a clear picture so it's a victory 😂

He kept pulling up onto the side of the couch but was all smiles since he was getting away from me 😂😍


If his onesie looks tiny it's because it is - I crammed that chunky body into a 3-6 month onesie because all the 12 month onesies were dirty 🤷‍♀️🙈 - those thighs! 

Aaaaand he went there. No stopping this one. 😂

Thank you green block and the rattle phone that I was shaking in my hand that finally got him sitting still and paying attention to me. It was after this shot that I got the best posed shot that's at the beginning of the post! Boyfriend just wanted to move and play with his toys. 😂

And for fun, I took a screenshot comparing him to Maeve, though Maeve was 2 months older in this pic I still think it's a good comparison. They are definitely sibs but their most distinguishing feature is totally their eyes! Both beautiful but different for sure. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Maeve's first haircut

Well, I did it. I cut off some of Maeve's precious little locks. She doesn't exactly have a ton I up begin with, but for a long time she's had a bit of a rat tail. Her hair definitely had some uneven lengths going on. This became especially apparent one day when I decided I wanted to see what her hair would look like if I straightened it. Yes, you read that right. I straightened my not even 3 year old's hair. 😂 Her hair just frustrates me sometimes in that it has some curliness/waviness to it but not exactly uniform pretty curls - instead it just looks kind of crazy, if you get my drift. So usually it just goes up in a pony or piggies so it looks cute. ANYWAY so I thought maybe it might look better if I straighten it....? 🤷‍♀️

Wrong. I couldn't stop laughing looking at her and at these pictures. She was so cooperative and willing to let me straighten it though, it was pretty cute. I should have known it would look like this... 😂

So, the next day I decided to cut it and even it out. I do not exactly have hair cutting skills but I figured I can cut a straight line. Sadly, I think I accidentally cut too much off at one spot so I had to even it out and it ended up shorter than I think it needed to be. For a minute, I thought "what have I done!" and wished I hadn't of even touched it but I'm over it now. I was also mad at myself at the time because I forgot that sentimental me thought it would be cute to save her little baby hair from her first haircut, but I just let it fall to the carpet. So I looked around to see if I could salvage any substantial pieces... 😂🙈 Anywho, I suppose it did at least thicken up the bottom a little bit and it will grow in prettier now! Here's the after pics!

I asked her to smile and this is what she did! 😂 For some odd reason she gets a kick out of smiling with her eyes closed 😂🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Sunday, April 15, 2018

9 months old and CRAWLING!

So I'm super behind on these monthly posts, and it's become a problem. Little dude is 10 months old in 3 days and yet here I am trying to remember what he was up to months 8-9. Since my brain runs at about 25% the capacity that it did before I became a mom, and especially a mom of 2, that's pretty much not happening. I mean, I recently tried to put Maeve's coat on Rowan and it took me probably 30 seconds to realize my mistake. 2 days later I tried to put MY coat on him. 😂🙈 I am losing it. If I haven't painted the picture clearly enough, you shouldn't have faith in me remembering what was going on 2 months ago. What I can tell you though are 3 things: he started shaking his head no (always in relation to being fed solids - he knows when he does not like it/doesn't want more) and it's pretty much the cutest thing ever, he started crawling the day he turned 9 months, aaaaand I love him. That's pretty much all I got for you. BUT I've got a whole lot of cute pictures. He was a busy boy during the photo shoot, because once they can crawl, it's all over. Cue the pictures!

That smirk though 😍😍 - I'm dying! 

Had to introduce a toy to keep him interested 

And then his dog became too much of a distraction so I used him to get his attention on me instead, which is why he's looking up 😂 - those pretty eyes though! 

And that smile!! 😍😍

Cue the head burying because he can't take it anymore... 

And at this point I regretted reintroducing his dog 😂

That little tongue! 😍

And then of course he went for the phone. The love of technology starts young.. 😑

His gummy smile is the BEST!! Still no teeth! 

The exhaustion started to set in 😂😂

But he still had some energy left to love on his dog! 😍

And here's Rowan's first crawling!

Stay tuned for his 10 month post (which I have vowed to do on time or very close to it) that will have a little more meat to it. 🤘