Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

When your baby becomes smarter than you

Maeve is all over the place these days. I mean, she isn't even walking yet and I can hardly keep up. This is what I'm up against on a daily basis.

For the record, she unrolled that toilet paper. She spilled those cheerios in a matter of 0.0003748 of a second. And she knocked what was sitting on the tub that she walked herself over to into the tub. Oh, and she's done this many times since then.

So this is my life now. Stopping her from causing all sorts of damage on minute by minute basis. Okay so it's really not THAT bad yet, but the kitchen is definitely the worst place for her to be. Cause let's be real, with how good she is at pulling herself to standing near anything and everything now, it just means that when I'm loading the dishwasher she is immediately right there on the other side unloading it. So helpful, that girl. High five. Early last week she pulled herself up next to the trashcan and started to reach for the trash. Oh, no no no. I wasn't going to have garbage thrown all over the kitchen floor to pick up later.  That's when I said to myself, enough is enough. I put on my mom hat and thought, without a gate at my disposal right now to keep her out of here, how can I keep her out of here?? I grabbed the dining room chairs and spent about 10 minutes trying a few different configurations and had to laugh when after each configuration she still managed to crawl right through. Nothing was going to stop her! And that's when it hit me, that in that moment, my 9.5 month old BABY was smarter than me. What??? When I signed up for motherhood, I did not think I was signing up to learn that. These babies are smarter than we think, people.

Truth be told, though I don't really want to admit this, moments later I had the idea to just put the trashcan in the bathroom with the door closed for the time being. Why I didn't think of that initially, I'm not sure. Mom brain is a real thing I guess.

I wish you better luck than me in outsmarting your small humans!

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