Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mr. Lamby

Gotta record this one in the books, because let's be honest, he's pretty important.

Meet Mr. Lamby.

Maeve girlfriend got him from her Gram (my mom) and she has quite the infatuation with this little fellow. Like, lives and breathes him. She sleeps with him every single nap and night and the minute I give him to her she grabs on with quite the force I must say and his ears go straight in her mouth. Every time. It turns out that she has not been very gentle with his ears, as poor Mr. Lamby lost one of his ears a couple weeks ago. How she was really able to get his ear loose enough to actually come off, I will never know. Talented girl, that Maeve. Anyway, not to worry, Mr. Lamby is in perfect condition again as he underwent some surgery and got his ear put back on. Thank goodness, because little lady was pretty heartbroken the one night she had to go sleep without him while he was getting fixed. 

Proof that she loves Mr. Lamby with all she's got. She usually keeps him close.  

I have probably a dozen other pictures of her holding him close that aren't on my phone anymore. We will see how strong their relationship stays as time goes on. Her cousin Bennett has the same lamb and he literally could not sleep without that thing for the longest time. In fact, although he's 8 now, last I heard he still likes him to be in bed with him. That's love right there! 

Long live Mr. Lamby! 

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