Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The next Cuties model

A couple Sundays ago we went on a family walk to enjoy the weather and stopped in a grassy area along the way to let Maeve sit and play outside for the first time. After we laid out a blanket, Adam said "man if only we had some Cuties (mandarin oranges)" and then like the uber romantic that he is he pulled out none other than Cuties themselves. It was clearly love at first sight for Maeve as she grabbed one of them and eventually another one and wouldn't let go of either of them until we got home. It was so cute how perfectly they fit into her little hands. See for yourself.

She even managed to slightly peel away some of the peel with her mouth. Bravo little lady, bravo. That last photo especially kills me. I think you're looking at the next Cuties model. Who wouldn't want to start buying Cuties after seeing pictures like these? I can see it now, the slogan "just a cutie with her Cuties!" running under her picture. It's just perfect.

Megan She'll make millions, mark my words.

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