Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Friday, March 11, 2016

Weekends got me like whoa

If I'm being honest, many of our weekends aren't ultra exciting as of late with trying to save money and having a baby on a nap and bedtime schedule. Like, to the point of getting a redbox being the extent of our "date nights" - which works for us but every now and then it is nice to shake things up. Thanks to one of my visiting teachers, we finally got to leave Maeve and go to the Dallas temple to do a session a couple weekends ago. Only took us almost 10 months. Paranoid mom over here hesitant to leave her baby with someone else for more than an hour! Anyway, it was so nice to go and I had no idea how unique the Dallas temple looked. It looks more gray than white and has a very interesting shape. Unfortunately there was construction going on around the temple, so I didn't even try and get a shot of the whole temple but of course had to get a selfie of Adam and I to document the experience.

After we left the session, I had a text from Heidi saying that Maeve's nap lasted two hours and she woke up happy with no tears or stranger danger! What a relief for me. And she sent this picture in the text of her youngest daughter with Maevie baby. 

Melt my mama heart! What a sweet picture. Avery later told her mom she wanted us to leave Maeve at their house for a few days sometime, ha! Another funny fact about Avery is that awhile back right after I got called as Primary Secretary and was handing out cookies to all the kids after their Primary program practice, she snuck a second cookie from me and later told her mom that she wished that her mom was her aunt and that I was her mom instead! Ha! Hilarious little 6 year old. Anyway, we are so grateful that Heidi and Avery were able to help with Maeve so we could get to the temple. It was much needed!

To really make ourselves party animals, we used the vouchers I gave to Adam for his birthday to go to downtown Dallas and see the city from Reunion Tower last weekend! After Maeve's first nap, we ended up making a day out of it and first ate lunch at Pecan Lodge, the #1 BBQ restaurant in Dallas, found a nearby Park to walk to and relax for a bit, and then made our way to Reunion Tower to see the city before the sun went down as well as after sundown. We hoped little girlfriend would nap on our walk or during some of our driving around, but of course that didn't happen even though on any other day it would have. Luckily she still stayed happy throughout the evening! What a champ of a baby. If only she could pound it. And for the best part that we all know really matters the most, here are some pictures from the day.

Don't ask me what this is or why it was there, but had to snap a pic when we saw it 

So hot right now. We rarely get cute shots of just the two of us these days so this is a new favorite. Did I mention the weather was amazing? 

Leave it to her to truly relax. Her feet are almost always up on that bar anytime she's in this stroller. Kills me.
I love how she's looking at her Daddy in this one! 

And of course how could we not snap a bunch of pictures of her like we always do? Heaven forbid any photo opps are missed.

Her faces crack me up!

She will do just about anything for a cheerio! 

That moment when you don't want to ask someone to take a picture because everyone else is already trying to get their own pictures. Classy attempt. 
Then later someone asked us if we wanted our picture taken. Awesome right? Except that my shirt is not working for me and Adam would say the camera is adding a few pounds for him so it's up for debate if this is better than the classy selfie. 

She was completely mesmerized by this lit up wall inside the tower. The rays of light on her face in this shot kill me. Favorite picture of the day for sure! 

That little body. I could eat her. 

I kinda sorta like that this one is blurry. 

Adam got some better pictures of the city on his phone while I stayed inside with Maeve since it got a little chilly. Here are his below. 

I love how you can see the progression of it getting darker in all of these pictures. Which is what we were going for!

Well, that concludes our exciting out of the ordinary weekend shenanigans. Now excuse me while we go watch a redbox this Friday evening!

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