Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Monday, March 14, 2016

10 months and life is OVER

Maeve hit her 10 month mark a week ago on March 7th. As of today, she weighs 21 lbs. 10 oz. I actually got that number from her pediatrician today, who we saw because I was worried she had an ear infection. Luckily we're in the clear. Well, I wasn't able to snap some pictures until Thursday, and that's when it hit Maeve how life shattering it is to be 10 months old. This is how she feels at 10 months old.

And next, we have how she feels at 10 months old with a phone in her hand. 

Suddenly the world makes sense again. Interesting. So, as you can see, the phone is pictured in every single photo thereafter. Sometimes you do what you gotta do.

Trying really hard to make a phone call
Holding that prized phone close to her heart
Those crossed feet!!

I seriously cannot stop laughing at this picture now that I'm looking at it again. That double chin and serious face!!

Raised eyebrows! It's cracking me up how big her one foot looks compared to her other foot in this pic, just because of the perspective. So weird.

Love how she looks like she's playing a game on it in this one

Can we just talk about how big she is for a minute?? It's literally killing me. She's losing her some of her chub, getting longer, and looking less like a baby! All before my eyes! It's hard to believe she's getting close to turning 1. I better stop myself before I turn into a puddle of tears. Here's the latest and greatest on this little diva this month in no particular order:

1. She's pulling herself up onto everything (even the wall...ha) and walking along anything she can hold onto steadily (the couch, the tub, our bed, etc.) - we've had a handful of times she's bonked her head on something or got her fingers caught in something, but I'm happy to say it's happened fewer times than I expected. Thank heavens. And when it does she's happier to cuddle with me, so I'll take it.
2. One of her favorite things to do is to unload the dishwasher as I'm loading it. Anything I put in, she's immediately there to take it right back out. So thoughtful of her. She also loves attempting to take things out of the fridge when I open it and is always messing with the books on the bottom shelves of our bookshelves. And speaking of taking things out, the other day she was standing over one of her toy baskets and without even really looking at each item, she was just grabbing one item after another and dropping it on the floor. Like ten things in a row. For some reason, it was so funny to me. It was as if she didn't even care to play with the toys, she just wanted them all out of the basket! Just call her pro mess maker!
3. She's off purees and working on table food. She's eating cooked peas, cooked carrots, refried beans, kiwi, banana, avocado, peaches, pears, mandarin oranges, bread, potatoes, and cheerios. She's also been able to eat some of the meals we've made for ourselves for dinner, sometimes I just have to cut it up smaller, but that's been so nice! For the most part, she has liked it all, but has been full of funny faces trying each new texture. Sometimes she spits the peas out (more to be funny I think), but eventually they make it down. Girl LOVES her cheerios and puffs. She would literally munch on them all day long if I let her. 
4. Girlfriend has been unlike any other baby for the longest time in that once she learned how to pick things up with her hands, she wasn't really into putting stuff straight into her mouth. This was actually kind of a nice thing for awhile because I didn't have to worry about her putting any gross inedible stuff into her mouth should she happen upon something in all the places she crawls around. However, it was not such a nice thing when it came time for her to eat foods like cheerios and bread that in theory she should have been able to feed herself. She would gladly open her mouth for these foods, but if I put them in her hand she'd just hold them and look at them or drop them on the floor. Everyday I tried to teach her how to do it and for so long, she just wasn't getting it. Finally, a day shy of turning 10 months while we were sitting in church all the sudden it just hit her and she just started putting one cheerio after another into her mouth. So funny! I couldn't believe my eyes. Something finally clicked I guess. This video of her feeding herself bread kills me. Cutest little eater on the face of the planet. 

5. She started taking the sacrament at church that same Sunday she learned how to feed herself her cheerios. I figured since she knew how to eat bread, why not!
6. She is way good at giving open mouthed kisses on command. What's really funny though is afterward, we'll go "awww" and she gets it confused with the similar sound we make if she's hurt herself. So after the "awww" she proceeds to do the lip quiver and start crying. Ha! Despite our attempts to backtrack and let her know she's okay and we're all happy, she still keeps crying. Poor girl just doesn't get it! 
7. She HATES diaper changes with a passion and is STRONG and WILL get away despite my best efforts. Girl does NOT like to stay still. If I'm unlucky, a lot of times half way through after I've gotten a fresh diaper on her, but before I've gotten her jammies on in preparation for bedtime she will bolt and crawl away from me so fast. I'll call after her and she will start laughing and move faster! She's got a mind of her own! On my luckier days, I manage to get the jammies on before she does this and then it's more of a win for me instead of her. Boom! On a similar note, her new favorite game is to be chased by us. She LOVES it. We will crawl behind her saying "I'm gonna get you" and she just laughs her little heart out and moves as fast as she can. So stinking cute.
8. She's waking up closer to 7am than 8am these days which gets a big BOO from me, but what can you do. We've started taking morning walks because of this to help me get through that first part of the morning and boost my energy. When she wakes up she's always always always standing up in her crib now ready for me to come get her. I love it. Speaking of sleep, most of the time she enjoys playing in her crib for a while before she goes to sleep. She'll cry at first when I lay her down and then she gets quiet quickly, so I start thinking maybe she's already asleep, but then I start hearing her squealing and all her exaggerated breathing she does. She gets quiet again and then I'll hear her messing with the blinds or smacking the side of her crib. She stays happy through all of it though and then maybe 20-30 minutes later decides she's ready to go to sleep. Even if I add more time inbetween her naps to get her good and tired, she still does this. I think it's just her jam before she goes to sleep. Hey, if it works for her, it works for me! Happy baby, happy mom.
9. Her favorite toy of ALL time now which is actually not even a toy at all, and shouldn't come by any surprise given the pictures above, is my phone. She will zone in on it a few times each day and once her eyes are on it, she will fuss until I give in and give it to her. As it enters her hand, she gets the biggest grin on her face like she won. Little stinker. 
10. She says "dada! dada! dadadada!" all day long as of a couple days ago. I tell her to say "mama" and she says "dada". Girlfriend is letting me down! At least she sounds really cute saying it and it makes her daddy's day. 
11. She's got her two bottom teeth now. Her first one came just around the 9 month mark and the second one probably came a week or two later. They are so puny still for some reason, which seems weird, but at least she hasn't been able to bite me yet! Biggest victory right there.
12. She LOVES to wave (especially while she eats, not exactly sure why on that one) and give high fives! We've seen her clap a couple of times but it's not a regular thing yet. 

I'm probably forgetting some things knowing my mom brain, but I think I hit the major developments. We love her sweet little self and the funny, energetic personality she's developing! She's something else and we'd be so bored without our happy, cute Maevie lady to love on and entertain us. Our happiest 10 months yet!

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