Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Thursday, February 18, 2016

My first attempt at being more committed - ready, GO!

It has been 6 months since I last posted here on my blog. I've only done two posts since Maevie lady was born and in 2.5 months she will be a year old. Um, WHAT? I'm in denial. At the beginning, we would hear all day long from people how it "goes so fast" and my friends, I am here to tell you that is true. The older she gets, the months just fly by faster and faster. It is exciting watching Maeve hit so many milestones and change so much in such a short amount of time in the scheme of things, but is also gut wrenchingly sad at the same time and makes me want to bawl my eyes out. It will surely happen the day she turns one. I'm not even going to pretend that's not what I'll do.

Although I haven't been blogging lately, I have tried to post a lot on Facebook and instagram little day to day tidbits and milestones. From the beginning I posted monthly pictures, but I wasn't smart enough to include snippets of her new developments in each of these posts until she hit probably 4 months old. It's likely because I was still convincing myself I'd do monthly blog posts and as more time slipped by, I admitted to myself that was just not going to happen. So then I started to include a short update in each of those posts, and I'm glad I at least did that. I've always been the worst at journaling but the last thing I want to forget is the baby years for the all the babies I have! Heaven help me.

I've come to a recent realization that in trying to fill the void of never blogging, I have posted super regularly, and admittedly probably too much, on social media. I snap pictures of Maeve all day long and with how cute she has been to me since day 1, it's hard not to want to document it all. I've always liked words associated with pictures, hence the reason for posting an insane amount. I have wanted her little life, even if it's mostly chilling around the house because that's what we do best, to be documented more than just in a string of photos on my phone. However, I understand it can come across as over the top or annoying to see picture after picture of any given baby in your feed that is not your own, and since my intention has really been more for the sake of it all being recorded for me than for everyone else in the world (though miss Maeve is insanely cute to me as her momma, I'm not too foolish to think everyone else is drooling over her exactly like I am) I have decided to put a halt on posting all my gems on there, and focus a little bit more on my blog so it can feel more like a journal. Plus, that way not every friend of mine and their mom and even their creeper in this day and age, will be bombarded by Maeve all day long, but instead it will be your choice to seek out billions of pictures of Maeve by visiting my blog. Which will probably be just about no one, except for maybe my mom, cause she loves me, and that's okay!

So, here's to new beginnings! Enough of the boring stuff, just this week Maeve is hitting new milestones. 😭 Last week, on the 11th, as I was finishing up dinner preparations, Adam felt in Maeve's mouth and told me he felt a tooth cutting through. I couldn't believe my ears, and to be honest, I didn't believe him. At that point in time, I thought Maeve was never going to get teeth (and when I say never, I really mean until after she hit a year old)  and that was okay with me. For two reasons, being that I love her gummy smile but really just because I'm still breastfeeding her and I've heard horror stories about biting. 😨 It would have been a victory in my book to make it to 13 months and her not have any teeth yet to have no worries of biting! So with a pained face I felt in her mouth after Adam shared the news and that's when I felt that little sharp budding bottom tooth. 😭 At least she held off as long as she did! Counting my blessings. At that point, we could only feel it and it wasn't very visible yet. But this week it's become more visible so I tried snapping some pics one day while we were out running errands. In the course of a few seconds these are the pictures I got and I could not stop laughing to myself!

Girlfriend is pretty animated. Seriously though, that double chin picture. I will surely show that to her future husband. 👍👍😂 Except she's actually never getting married, so nevermind about that. And then her signature silly face in the third picture, of course. In the first and last picture though if you zoom in you can see her budding tooth. 

She's kept me on my toes this week and is climbing up on more and more things and has opened her first drawer. 

I guess it's time to child proof better! She's seriously my little shadow and if I open the fridge, she's right there trying to get in it and if I open the pantry, she is also trying to get in it and get to things! Little stinker. 

She's learned how to get out of her bumbo if I leave her for two seconds while I'm feeding her, and literally the whole time I feed solids now, she's trying to get out or getting out if I get up for two seconds. Like the other night, when I was stirring the chili I made for dinner on the stove periodically while I fed her, even if I sprinted over to do it (cause our apartment is so huge...), she was already on her way to me. Back in it she went probably 3 or 4 times. Busy little stinker. Don't worry, I've already ordered an actual booster seat to go on one of our dining room chairs with a tray and will be able to buckle her in. 👏👏 

She's had less of an appetite during the day since cutting her first tooth, so it must be related to that, and lucky for me probably because of that, she's been waking up in the middle of the night again. Boo. The night before last, at 4am I found her like this:

I knew it was bound to happen soon considering she pulls herself onto her knees all day long while she's awake. I sent this picture to my mom and said to her pretty soon she'll be standing there crying for me. And what do you know, today as she fought her morning nap, there I found her in all her standing glory. 

"Let me out mom!!!" 

And so it begins. Heaven help us all. 

Last little developmental tidbit has to do with her crawling. Over the last month she's gotten so quick at her version of crawling, that I doubted she'd ever crawl normally. Well now she cracks me up, because out of nowhere she will mix in some normal crawling. It's probably about half and half now. I guess she can't decide which way she likes more? 😂 For your viewing pleasure:

Dear heavens, this post is long enough. But, for added measure, because her bum is so cute in those little overalls I must include this picture too. I mean, I just must. 😍 

In case you were wondering, we both rocked overalls that day, but she wore them better. There, I said it. Maeve cutie always wins. 

Until next time. 

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