Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Friday, February 19, 2016

Because why not?

I often show Adam pictures I take during the day if they're especially noteworthy once he's home from work. Just had to share a few pictures from today that have been making me laugh as I look back through them. 

The cutest sippy cup drinker I ever did see. I mean, the cup covers half of her face. Girlfriend likes her water and drinks it with gusto.

The love of money starts young, people.
Don't be fooled, she is wearing a diaper. Her fat rolls are just hiding it. And for the record, she still hates eating.

Also, keeping it real - the excitement of my day today was discovering that poop was being smeared into the carpet as Maeve was crawling around. Always a party cleaning up your child's poop. Which explains her eating her dinner in nothing but a diaper, BTW. 

I've officially decided that if there's anything I want to remember about Texas, it's that despite the crazy hot summers some of the best times I have had involve the splendid perfect weather we experience other times of the year. Like tonight, on this Friday night in February, when Adam and I could sit out on our balcony and play games because it was that nice and breezy. Short of Maeve's happiest laughter, there is simply nothing better.

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