Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Who needs teeth when you've still got love?

Confession of the century: my teeth suck. When I tell people this, they respond "Oh man, so do you just get tons of cavities all the time?" and to be honest, I just want to laugh (and admittedly cry, simultaneously) when I hear that question. If my problems were as small as just cavities, even if they were on all surfaces of my teeth, I would probably jump for joy. Sadly cavities are only the start of it. Ya see, cause a bad cavity becomes a crown becomes a root canal becomes an implant if everything really goes south. And when you're me, that's what happens. After Adam and I got married and he soon realized the nature of my teeth, we've sort of had a running joke that by the time I'm 35 I will have no teeth left. After the events that took place last Wednesday, I am now on my way to that and have said goodbye to one of my teeth. Luckily for me, instead of completely compromising my looks, they have these things called implants that you can pay large sums of money for, which when all is said and done, make it still look like you have teeth. It's a win for everyone, including the son or daughter of the periodontist who received payment for their college tuition from me. You're welcome.

Now that that's all on the table, here are a couple pictures that prove that I survived the surgery. I had just come out of our room after sleeping for about 4.5 hours after we got home from it when these were taken. They knocked me out so I was incredibly drowsy, even still at this point in time, and looking fantastic.

I was so out of it and just sat on the ground and this girl came right over and pulled up on me so she could throw her little baby arms around my neck. It's funny to me that you can try so hard all day long to get this kind of love from your baby, but they choose to do it when it's not even on your radar and really, you need it the most. Love my sweet girl.

Here's to real teeth, fake teeth, and baby hugs!

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