Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A typical day spent with you

I fully plan on doing monthly posts for Maeve and will go back and touch on highlights from months one, two, and three but before I do that I wanted to write my little sunshine a little letter about our day today. Just a little glimpse into what life is like in the present with her.

My Dearest sweet little Maeve,

I will probably always call you my little Maeve, but really you are getting SO big! I love it and don't really love it at the same time. I look at you sometimes and wonder where my tiny baby went, but I love seeing you grow and show more personality every day. It just gets more and more fun. This morning you woke up at 7am after sleeping 9 solid hours in your crib (for the second time) and your momma couldn't be more proud of you! You flashed me the biggest smile when you saw me peek over your crib and pick you up. I melt a little bit every time you flash me that sweet smile when you see me. I can promise you it will never get old!

As I was feeding you, your breathing sounded a little wheezy a couple of times. This isn't completely out of character for you, but it still made me a concerned momma for a few minutes because you haven't made that wheezy sound for a long time. I put you back in your crib for you to catch a little more sleep and said a little prayer that I would know if something was wrong, because my world would just not be the same if something bad happened to you. I did a little google search, checked on you a couple of times and when you seemed fine, I felt okay again to go back to sleep myself. You have been my greatest priority since day one!

When you woke up a few hours later, we finished making pancakes together for breakfast. You really wanted some, but settled for some of momma's milk instead. Pancakes aren't quite in your diet yet unfortunately. I laid you down on your play mat so that I could eat my breakfast. You love your play mat these days because you've made good friends your stuffed octopus that hangs down in front of your face. We like to call him Oggie the Octopus. You are quite fond of him. I know this because you stare at him often, like to touch him, and sometimes even try to eat him. Unfortunately, octopus isn't quite in your diet yet either. I turned on the TV to watch a little bit of Boy Meets World while eating breakfast and noticed your eyes wandering to the TV. After a few minutes I turned your play mat towards me so you could look at me instead. I might be a little paranoid about your exposure to any screens while you are so little. Don't get me wrong, I know Boy Meets World is a great show, but I only want what is best for you of course. Someday I know you'll love it just as much as your momma.

We enjoyed some fun play time together after I finished eating. You were dancing around in my lap, showing off all sorts of tricks, and flashing that smile the entire time. You even giggled a few times and made me smile real big. I just love your little giggles. I sat there having so much fun with you and started to think about how you spend nearly all of your time with me. It hit me that just as much as you and your daddy are my everything, we are also your everything. It will always be that way, and I hope when you are more capable of comprehending things that you will feel in your heart that we mean the world to you just like you mean the world to us. As I had these thoughts I got a little teary eyed because that's what moms do. I hope we can give you the best little life.

You went down for another nap since you still sleep quite a bit. I got to do the daily pick up of the house and shower before you woke up again and flashed me another smile. I fed you in your rocking chair, which we spend a lot of time in together. When you were finished eating, you let me know your belly was satisfied, but you also let me know very quickly and clearly that you did not want to be on your back for more than 2 seconds. You were blessed with a really good pair of lungs from day one and you're not afraid to cry with everything in you when you are just a little bit uncomfortable. You're sort of my little diva, but I'm okay with it. You really prefer to be upright after you eat, so I quickly fixed the problem and you were very quickly okay again. Although you go from 0 to 100 in a couple of seconds, you also go from 100 back to 0 in a matter of seconds often too, and that makes me happy. Some music was on and as I changed your diaper I sang to you. This made you smile because you just LOVE music. Whether momma is making it, daddy is making it, or music is just playing you love it all. It soothes you on a regular basis when you're sad, but also just makes you happy in general so we listen to lots of music. As I was changing your diaper, I quickly put vaseline on you after wiping your little bum because I wanted to secure your new diaper on you before you might decide to pee some more. These days every now and then you enjoy peeing when your lady parts are free during diaper changes. Silly little thing. Luckily for me, we were in the clear this time.

As I sit here writing, you've been getting reacquainted with Oggie the Octopus and chirping like a little bird. Oggie must have hurt your feelings, because soon you weren't loving him anymore and have since been content in your swing. Quickly, you will grow out of your swing and I think that will make you sad. You have loved your little swing.

I'm certain that the rest of our day will continue on in similar fashion. We will enjoy more smiles and giggles with each other, you'll sleep some more, and probably have a good poop at some point. Daddy will get home and you'll be so happy to see him and have some fun with him too. You may get a little grumpy in the evening and start thinking to yourself, "but really why do I have to sleep so much?!" -- I will convince you that it's good for you and you will eventually drift off for the night.

I took these pictures of you today. They show how silly you are and that you think you're getting pretty big. I just love them.

These are our days as of late, little one. And they sure are fun and sweet with you around. I am trying to cherish every single day and every little moment because I know each day will continue to bring new things and our adventures will change as you change. I look forward to it all. Just know that you have my whole heart and always will. I love you to the moon and back!

With love,
Your Momma

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