Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Sometimes, when your name is Megan McKarns, you take a WHOLE lotta photos. And when in your own biased opinion you have quite the gorgeous child, it's hard deciding which ones are worthy of sharing. I mean, when you're that beautiful of a baby, ALL of your photos are good. So that's what this post is going to be. Just some photo dumping. Enjoy scrolling through a million photos of what I claim to be the cutest girl on earth.

Well, that's just precious. Learning from Daddy.

"That was some good food." - Maeve 

This picture makes her look so tiny. Love it.

Seriously, she's better dressed than I am. I'll have that outfit too please.

Serious trouble maker. Every stinking day.

Uh oh

Aaaand a mother daughter selfie because why not?

"If I could fly all day long, I would!!!" - Maeve

Don't let me get in your way, crazy lady. The table was designed for crawling on, after all.

Aaaaaaand another mother daughter selfie. Our outfits were just on point, ya know?

I'm watching you!

Always by my side, no matter what.

She looks like she was dressed for Christmas, nevermind the fact that it was March. When a dress is that cute, she's wearing it no matter what.

What I get to walk in and see three times a day, everyday.

You had me at hello in that onesie. She just may look her cutest in just a onesie. She just may.

Buuuut then there's this outfit... so I dunno. You tell me. 

That hood though!

Her legs may look terrifyingly blurry, but that ecstatic little face and hand... love her to pieces. 

And that dress, too!

"Excuse me, ma'am, both hands must remain on the bar at all times."

On a walk after church, the best kind. I'm in love.

I'm in love again.

Just digging for her cheerios in her bumbo. Best activity yet.

She's so funny sometimes. That face.

Mmmmm, yummy little body

She doesn't really look like herself in this picture, it's killing me how skinny she looks, ha!

Those shorts... they were falling off of her all day! Hilarious.

"Feed me daddy, feed me! I need breakfast more than you!" - Maeve

That little coat and that little tongue!

Getting psyched for some fettucine and steak with friends!! Those pursed lips... she does that all day long!

In the mornings, we like to play in bed for a little bit. Give me a bed and a baby and I'm good. Except I'd be even better if she wouldn't try and crawl off the bed the whole time! Wishful thinking.

"All you need in life is a phone" - Maeve

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