Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Sunday, April 29, 2012


One could say I've maybe turned into a workaholic. Oh the slight jealousy I have of my staff who leave work and really LEAVE work. Because you see, I leave work and still deal with work related stuff almost constantly - whether it's paperwork, meetings, appointments with the girls, interviews to find the 3 or 4 more staff that I DESPERATELY need right now, or the tons of phone calls/texts from both staff and the individuals. I am willing to do it all because I want to succeed in this position and also want to really make a difference. And it's all worth it when my youngest individual says to me "Megan, can you PLEASE go home now because I cannot go to sleep while you're still here" - to be interpreted as she likes hanging out with me too much to sleep while I'm around haha. Not to worry though, the next day she's saying "forget you" to me - hence, the point of me having this job at all. But boy does it all take a lot of mental effort! Sometimes I feel I should be paid around the clock, but that's too good to be true.

ANYWAY, I've had the intention of writing all these great blog posts about things that have happened over the last couple months, which clearly hasn't happen. Instead of overwhelm myself, I'm just going to take a few blog posts to briefly touch on the things that have gone down in the last few months in the rare moments I'm not being a manager. ;)

Here goes February (when my life was way more relaxed before I even became a manager):

February 8 - 14
My momma came to Utah for a visit! Sadly she came for a loved one's funeral which I went to with her and cried a little too much even though I didn't know the person (why am I so sensitive?). We also did lots of fun things though like went shopping, went out to eat, cooked for dinner group, played card games, and just spent time together! Loved it. Thanks for coming Mom!

February 17 - 18
Took what was supposed to be a weekend trip to St. George with my roommate Heather and a couple other friends that ended up only lasting less than 24 hours because of an incoming storm that chose bad timing. Don't worry though, in that amount of time we still managed to:
--eat pizza and visit with Alli's cute Grandma and Aunt
--tour her Grandma's AMAZING mansion that I am insanely jealous of
-- take some crazy photos in the hotel room we stayed in for free (thank you Alli's Grandma)
--play card games/rockband/hot tub with a few too many fresh RMs (the cursed age)
--nearly lose our lives in what could have been a head on collision with a barrier going 60 mph
--share stories about loved ones passed on and cry together
--eat a hotel breakfast
--visit the St. George Temple
...all because we only got three hours of sleep during the time we were there. At least we lived it up, right?


February 20 - 24
I attended my Basic Mediation Training to become court qualified as a Mediator! This marks the time that my life accelerated to 60 mph because on the first day of training I actually accepted my House Manager position and started training for that that week as well. It was a loooong week, but I am so glad I did it! My brain was exploding from awesome information everyday and I learned tons of great new mediation skills. Loved every minute of it and can't wait to be a Mediator in the next couple of years.

Stay tuned for a March update!

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  1. I know it's not half as bad for me as for you , but I hope it makes you feel better that I feel like I'm never away from work either. I still get texts and such from everyone in that house too. Drives. Me. Insane. Also makes me cry rather frequently.