Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Monday, March 19, 2012

Just ain't cuttin it - or should I say unlocking it?

Today was one of those days. I'm sure you've all had them - where something happens that makes you want to cut your head off (if the person upset doesn't cut your head off first) and THEN something else happens to add to the crappiness. Like icing on a crappy cake.

You with me?

Lets hope so cause I'm continuing.

So I'm doing what I do everyday, just being a manager, (which by the way could also be defined as an on call mother - that's my new job in case you are unaware. Same company, now I just run the show instead of being a little peon) and then one of my little peons (bless her heart) tells me that she lost the keys to the med closet.

Wait, WHAT? Say that again?

Yeah, she lost the keys to the med closet. That's when the words rang clear in my head from my manager training: "dealing with meds is probably the most important part of your job" - hmm. And now I can't get to them. Awesome. The health and prosperity of my troubled teens depends on these meds. Again, awesome.

I choose not to get upset with my staff because in reality that would only make the situation worse and we just start to look for them. Can't find them in the girls' house. Not in the staff's backpack or pockets. Not anywhere to be seen. I leave work and go to search my staff's apartment for them. Then said staff starts to think she maybe locked them IN the med closet. Perfect. So I realize at this point in time, after looking in her apartment and having no luck, it's time to get my boss involved. Great.

This is where the story gets better.

I dial. No answer. Just as I'm typing a brief text message, my phone dies. I drive home and think "no big deal, I'll just charge my phone" - I look through my purse and can't find my charger and start to think "what the ($)*%#$" ---- and then it hits me. I left my charger in Idaho this past weekend on a weekend trip (to be blogged about later). Yep, in good old Burley. It's super helpful to me there, three hours away. Just a hop, skip, and a jump right!

At that point, I realize I'm basically dead to the world (such an opportune moment) and so I go see if my FHE dad can be of any help. Thank heavens, I was in luck and he had a device that I could use to charge it. I really wanted to go to FHE so I was happy to know I was still able to (although I don't know why I cared so much, my mind was entirely somewhere else the whole time and I was just sending work texts as my phone charged) - basically my boss told me the girls have to get their meds so I had to do whatever it takes to get into that dang closet. Luckily my staff got her home teachers (of course) to go work their magic and somehow pick the lock along with probably some other crazy shenanigans and they finish just as I drag my roommate and her boyfriend over to help. Haha, whoops. My bad. At least they were willing.... :D

Welp, after alllllll that, the girls got their meds - but the keys weren't locked in the closet after all and they are still missing. So the story isn't totally happy yet. :/ Let's just hope my boss doesn't have to cut my head off tomorrow and they turn up......

This pretty much sums up my emotions for the last 5 hours:

And maybe a little bit of this... just a little...

Cross your fingers for me? Help a sister out? Thanks.

Until next time.

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  1. Next time, call a locksmith!! ;) They can get in and get you a new key/lock all in one fell swoop. I'm sure the company would pay for it, especially if the meds are that important :D

    But yeah, about your phone dying... THAT's inconvenient ;) Glad it's worked out (almost)... but you still might have to consider a locksmith if you can't find the keys!

    Love ya! - Alex