Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Thursday, December 8, 2016

19 months and funnier than ever!

This girl is changing so much and becoming such a little character that I thought I would do a 19 month post so I don't forget some of these things! Here's the latest and greatest on this chick:

1. She begs for food all day long. Not a moment goes by that she is not standing by the pantry door, specifically wanting a Graham cracker. Breakfast ends and she runs to the door. I think she wants a graham cracker to be her dessert following every meal 😂😂

2. She loves to throw her veggies on the ground and the other day she saw me picking them up so she started to help and then threw them in the garbage. She has now taken it upon herself to clean up what she has thrown on the floor after each meal... And she's good about picking up everything! I am not complaining!!

3. She gets really excited when I pull out a cutie for her and when  I peel it she squeals and basically jumps up and down in anticipation... Don't worry though the graham cracker still always wins! She'll do the same thing as I open the pantry door to get one of those for her most of the time too!

4. She loves dancing to music and in addition to waving her arms and swaying she now throws spinning around into the mix!

5. She can say hi, what's that, Dada, mama, yeah, no... There might be more but I myself am still trying to figure out her gibberish. I think she's trying to say a whole lot, I just have a hard time making sense of it. She's very smart though at still communicating what she wants by by pointing to things and such.

6. Most of the time after her nap, she likes to play with me through the crib for a little while. I know this because I try and get her out and she runs to the other side of the crib. She likes to show me things out the windows, peek at me through the slats, bounce up and down and bury herself into her mattress. She's as happy and smiley as can be and it's probably my favorite part of the day!

7. Her favorite part of the day is definitely when daddy gets home! She runs to the door when she hears it opening and is ready to greet him. She LOVES bedtime routine since he's a part of it and he reads her the bedtime book quite animatedly and there's usually a big tickle fest at some point. She gets pretty riled up and loves it, which might sound counterintuitive before bed, but she still goes to sleep and sleeps like a rock so it works for us!!

8. If daddy hasn't left yet in the morning when she wakes up she will not leave his side until he's gone and she waves bye to him when he leaves! She also waves bye anytime I'm on the phone and she hears me say "bye" 😂

9. She has major stranger danger and has started to wrap herself around one of my legs whenever anyone comes near that she does not know. She will wave at anyone and everyone happily from a distance while we are out and about, but come close and it's a different story!

10. She has gone to nursery a couple times now and hates it. The first time we dropped her off, she didn't even care or say bye to us but after a few minutes it clicked that she was with a bunch of strangers and she lost it. Since then one of us has to be in there with her or else she runs after us crying with her arms extended if we try and leave. 😭  

11. She loves sitting on a regular chair at the table for snacks. She often insists she sit there for meal times too, but for now we are sticking with just snacks since they're easier to eat and the table is a little high from there for her! 😂

12. Today I was in the kitchen dishing some food onto a plate and I heard Adam's voice through the phone say "Hi Maeve" - I look over and see her holding the phone to her ear listening to him. At first I thought she dialed him, but turns out he called and she happened to answer correctly. She was excited to hear his voice and for the most part it was a one sided convo, but she did say "hi dad" at one point quite appropriately! Proud mom moment.

13. She loves my phone in general and is obsessed with taking selfies, but also with me taking pictures of her. She gives me the phone and runs off and poses - over and over and over. I have so many pictures like this on my phone of her in random places doing random poses. A lot of the time they're blurry because she starts running back toward me before the pic has taken, but sometimes they turn out cute too! It cracks us up.

14. She knows where her head, shoulders, ears, belly, and mouth are. For some reason the nose confuses her and she points to her chin every single time. Not sure how that happened, but it cracks me up that she consistently gets it wrong in the same way.

I think I've hit on all the main things. She's just such an animated, funny, happy little girl and we love watching her change and learn more every single day! She sure puts the spice into my life that I need and I don't know what I'd do without her.

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