Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sneaky sneakerson!

I just have to blog about two conversations I had recently with Adam. You'll understand why soon. 

So last week or the week before Adam and I were hungry for dinner and not wanting to cook (really I was not wanting to cook - it's a problem), but we decided that if we were going to go get food out we would eat somewhere healthy. We decided on pita pit and had just enough time to get there after I finished a work out that Adam opted out of because he was feeling kinda lazy - the real truth is that Insanity is too hard for him ;) - I'm kidding, I'm kidding. So we get to pita pit and we're ordering and Adam says something like "I'm feeling like I have a soda sweet tooth so I might just have to get one" - I didn't think ANYTHING of this at the time. 

We are back at home later and I think he brings up the pop/soda debate or something and all the sudden it dawns on me, like the heavens have opened, and I yell in delight "YOU SAID SODA EARLIER! YOU DID! We were ordering our food and YOU said that YOU had a SODA SWEET TOOTH!!! You're SWITCHING OVER!!!" He starts laughing and admits to it and then says the greatest line of all time....

"It's just that, well ya know, alliteration is very important to me - so I had to say it since it was followed by sweet tooth. Pop sweet tooth just doesn't sound good!" 

I seriously busted up laughing! For like 20 minutes. And kept saying "did you really just say that?" Don't worry though, he's full of other great lines too... just a few days after that I go to grab an oatmeal round to eat and he acts as if I have committed a sin and accuses me of eating the last one in the box. I assure him that it is NOT the last one in the box, but he starts to tickle me and says "you little sneaky sneakerson!" to which I reply "did you just call me a sneaky sneakerson!?" and he replies with the affirmative. 

I wonder on a regular basis, where does this guy come up with this stuff???? 

Then I take pictures of him like this and it all makes a little more sense. He's just a crazy! And that's why I love him!

Footnote: The above picture was taken on our date night a couple weekends ago. You see, since we are trying to save money we go hang out on BYU campus and play pool for free to entertain ourselves. It's where the cool kids go, so naturally, we fit in pretty well. ;) I just have to include though what happened that night that almost made me pee my pants from laughing so hard. Adam got a little cocky cause he was doing so much better than me and then all of a sudden he goes to break when we are starting a new game and he says "watch this" as if he's about to knock all the balls in on his first shot. Well folks, that is far from what I witnessed - I watch and see the white ball curve away from all the other balls and go straight into one of the back corner pockets. HA! I had never seen something like this happen in my LIFE, but it gets even better. The next time he doesn't hit the ball hard enough and it doesn't even make it to the balls and then the NEXT time (yep, there's a next time) he somehow manages (and I have no idea how) to hit the balls from the BACK of the formation instead of front on. And barely any of them moved. I was seriously laughing SO HARD! Pretty sure he won't be getting cocky next time! :D

And for your viewing pleasure, the scariest picture of me known to date. Hide your kids.

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  1. I think you look really cute in that pic Meg! I love your outfit! I wish we could hang out with you guys! Sounds like you have a lot of fun :) And I haven't played pool in so long! Also, you need to update us on your last post. Will you have to have the endoscopy?