Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Monday, October 15, 2012

Disappeared, but found a little something.

It's been a while. I've been a little busy... and that busyness may or may not include a fine young man. Perhaps, this fine young man.

Meet Adam. 

Okay, fine here's a better one where you get to see his cute smile :) 

The man that I may or may not have fallen in love with in two weeks [ironically the amount of time it took for all the other guys/myself I've semi-dated in the past year to realize the spark just wasn't there anymore] and may or may not have gotten engaged to 3 months later. 

Turns out you can eliminate all the above may nots because it's true.

I left off in MAY which is when I really started getting to know Adam. My former roommate Kim invited me to go hot tubbing with her brother's roommates that she had been hanging out a lot with, Adam being one of them, and he hit on me pretty hardcore. The 2 funniest parts though are that A. we actually met for the first time back in February, where I found him in my living room with 2 other men. They all had their shirts off and I couldn't even tell you what he looked like (kind of a burn for him I think - sorry babe), but he did answer my apt door when a guy I was seeing at the time came over that night... with  his shirt still off. Which I think startled that other guy quite a bit but that's besides the point now. AND 2. Like probably 2 weeks after Adam hit on me in the hot tub (when nothing had happened since that incident and I still wasn't thinking much of it, though wondered if something would maybe come of it eventually) is when I wrote the blog post where I was feeling sorry for myself about being alone and wishing that I could just meet that someone and live happily ever after. Another two weeks later is when we went to Goblin Valley for a camping trip and he literally swept me off my feet when I learned that in a matter of two days he made me laugh so hard I nearly cried AND we had a legit meaningful conversation too. That hilarious/sincere and meaningful combo I had been looking for for the longest time. Heavenly Father was probably laughing at me when I wrote that post because little did I know I had actually already met my future husband and would start to realize that just a month later! Timing is everything I suppose and things work out in crazy ways when you least expect them to. 

I wish I had the time and energy to write tons about our dating through the summer months, because it was definitely fun-filled, but I don't. What I can say though is Adam added the spice in my life that I needed and seriously if anything I just had SO much fun with him over the summer. We're about to get a little cheesy here, so if that's not your style, then maybe skip this part. He isn't perfect, but I quickly learned that he is perfect for me. In just three months, I was laughing more than I ever thought possible and having some of the most tender conversations I've ever had in my life. The balance was perfect. Most importantly, Adam's happy and genuine disposition made me even happier. In a lot of important ways, I feel like we are twins, and in other ways, we are very different, but those differences are what allow us to learn and grow from each other and it has definitely been a growing experience for both of us! I am the luckiest girl in the world because Adam seriously treats me like a princess - I learned quickly that he would and does do anything for me. My happiness is one of his greatest concerns and it almost seems unreal to have it as good as I do. I hope through the years I can measure up to him and give him what he gives me everyday! I am very blessed. 

To hit some highlights of May through August together: 
--Goblin Valley
--Our first date where we went to a sushi restaurant and he so willingly paid for two meals for me when I learned that "smoked" sushi is in fact NOT the same as "cooked" sushi ... what a sweetheart!
--Looking at the moon with his telescope
--Countless nights of conversations and laughter at our park
--Fast food runs in the wee hours of the morning (perhaps multiple nights in a row....) - we actually became friends with one of the drive through workers at McDonalds - if you want to be entertained while going through a drive through go with Adam


--Discovering each other's hidden talents that we will not mention specifically (some pleasant, some not so pleasant) 
--Tickle fights
--Intense photoshoots where we both literally laughed until we cried!


313575_1770542748882_1823469430_n.jpg--Going through Timp cave [trying to twice]

--Double dates with friends, siblings, and cousins
--Dragging him to The Lucky One which was probably the worst movie ever made (and eating a nice Japanese dinner and awesome dessert beforehand which we both made together!)
--Cooking for each other (we are sort of obsessed with stir fry with tons of vegetables and I'm almost better than him now at cooking chicken to perfection ;))
--Stabbing him to keep him alive [think about that one for a minute]
--Flying kites

--Painting each other's toe nails [you read that correctly]
--Doing face masks
--Seven Peaks fun
--Going on an Alaskan Cruise where he met my family




579857_1711062855057_919352622_n.jpg--Probably being the most ridiculous couple Trafalga has ever seen on their mini golf course
--Trying exotic restaurants together like Banana Leaf and a Thai one


--Popping the question on August 18th at our park (I almost made it impossible for him, but he still pulled it off cause he's that legit) ... you can read about the proposal story at mckarnswhitmore.ourwedding.com


And here we are as an engaged couple

Thanks for the fairytale ride Adam! I have loved every minute with you. 

Since then we have been pretty consumed with wedding plans but have still made some time for fun, like going to Lagoon this past Friday, thanks to Nuskin, his work and making a paper chain to count down the days until our wedding. Holla!

Well folks, keep October 27th open - yep, that's the day - so you can celebrate with us. We will keep you entertained for sure and you will not regret it! Until then, lets hope that Adam keeps more hair than he loses and that I can avoid turning into an emotional wreck while we finish planning this wedding in the 41 days (umm, make that 12 days now... apparently I suck at not only starting posts, but actually finishing them and posting them - unfortunately since then Adam has lost more hair and I have been an emotional wreck at times - don't hate us) we have left to do so. 

Wish us luck - we need it. I wouldn't expect another blog post from me before then. Who am I kidding, you weren't expecting it anyway!

Peace and blessings. 

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  1. So so glad you posted this Megs!!! I seriously loved it all!! Except I couldn't see most of the pictures :( I am so incredibly excited for you guys and cannot wait to see you in just like a week and a half!! LOVE YOU!!!