Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's all about April.

My boyfriend informed me that my last post ended very abruptly. Oops, sorry guys, forgot to do a wrap up. My bad. But now it's time to talk about APRIL!

Lets see....

April 2-6
During this time my poor roommate Laura was dying on me. I took her to the ER and other doctor's offices many times during this time and tried my best to nurse her back to health, but it ended up being a bit of a slippery slope for her.... :( THANKFULLY though, she is better now, after a good month and a half or so of being down and out and ended up getting her appendix out. What a champ!

April 7
This marks the day I said my goodbyes to the girls of my old house, House 31. This is when I got the new individual in my current house and we had enough float hours for me to be a manager full time there so I had to call it quits in House 31. It was totally bittersweet! Miss those girls and their funny facial expressions. 

April 8
I had a hardcore Easter shindig with my cousins Jenny Benny, Jillzy, and the Brynster. We really do know how to party guys. We started by doing dinner (which I unfortunately missed), then did an easter egg hunt, then had a crazy awesome photoshoot which you will witness some of those photos below, dyed eggs, and then decorated sugar cookies. What a party! Whew. I hardly celebrate Easter anymore since I've been in school, usually I just make it an excuse to buy more candy for myself than normal (ha), but it was fun to go all out for once with my girls! 

April 14
I was a bridesmaid in the lovely Rachelle's wedding. My first time! It was such a fun wedding and I loved all the dancing at her reception. They served these cake pops that I was seriously obsessing over... ohhh my. Death. Wish I could eat one of those everyday for the rest of my life! She looked beautiful and they are one of my favorite couples so it was the best to be their for their whole day! I also went to her bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner just before all that. Loved it.

April 18-24
My awesome family came to visit for mine and Josh's graduation ceremonies! Yep that's right, I officially peaced out of BYU. Super bittersweet. It was legit to see the fam for about a week, and especially nice because I was able to work it out so that I didn't have to work the whole time they were here. The ceremonies were great, except for the fact that I didn't hear the graduation song ONCE. In mine OR Josh's - missed it both times. What is graduating with that song???? I was highly upset. And still am. Boo on you BYU - now I will only sort of miss you. Ha, jk. I also had the privilege of buying an awesome cute new 2012 black hyundai accent during this visit. My dad was great enough to do all the shopping with me and I just love this new little car! What a great grad present. Thanks mom and dad and a special thanks to Grandma for coming to see us too! 

I got this cute BYU shirt for Tessie girl 

Said goodbye to this car and hello to my new one... which I can't find the picture of. Just use your imagination. 

April 27
Last but not least, this was the night of Tia's wedding reception! Definitely the season of weddings people. It's crazy cause all my best friends are just getting married one after the other. Can't get over it. Her reception was absolutely beautiful and she was beautiful! It was great as usual to have an excuse to visit with my other besties. Love my weddings!

And well, that's a wrap folks. Here's to May! 

I'm finally catching up.... bear with me.

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