Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Monday, February 6, 2012

Make that 6!

This is an incredibly happy post because....

SQUIRTLE RETURNS!!!!! with demon fish in tow.

You see, my *slaptastic roommate Kim made the excellent decision to purchase another turtle after our little guy before so abruptly committed suicide. At least, that is what we think, due to the one too many times that I dropped him on his back. My bad. :/

What a surprise when I found out, not only was she getting a new turtle (who of course we are still naming Squirtle), but also some sort of creepy fish I like to call demon fish. His real name is Shark Bait, but I've been calling him demon fish so much that I think Shark Bait may be replaced... sorry Kim. Why do I call him demon fish? Well, just see for yourself.

Pretty sure that explains it. Creepy.

And that is how we came to have six lovely creatures in this humble abode.

*slaptastic has no current definition, but is a combination of the words hilarious, legit, and zombie

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