Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am pleased to announce that we now have a new member of our apartment. That's right, Heather had a baby. And we don't know the father.... but hope that it's Brenton. ;) No no no, I'm kidding. Kim went and bought a turtle! The best part is how I first learned of this cute little turtle. I am sitting in class last Thursday night and get a text from Laura asking me when I will be home. I tell her and then ask why she wants to know and she replies "Think of a quarter. A baby quarter... aka baby turtle. We wanna go get him, but it's fine, no worries!" I read this and start to wonder if she sent the text to the wrong person. I was perplexed. I texted her back and said "Wait, what? I am so confused" and then she felt like an idiot because she thought I already knew, but I indeed did not. She proceeded to tell me that Kim had decided to buy a baby turtle, just barely bigger than the size of a quarter, and his name would be Squirtle! I almost started laughing! We love this new little guy. He's such a cutie and only a month old. I will not mention how many times I have dropped him on his back since he has joined our apartment. Shhh. Meet Squirtle!

Look at that little face! Thank you Macro for taking such nice detailed photos up close. Visitors are welcome anytime to come see him - you just can't drop him on his back like I do. ;)

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  1. How funny Megs! I just titled my blog post, "Introducing..." also! And Squirtle is stinking adorable! Our turtles used to be that cute and tiny! Now they're HUGE! We all want to hear how things went with seeing Amy! Jealous!