Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blame it on the fruity pebbles

This past Sunday was quite the Sunday. As I mentioned in my previous post, there are 15 or so of us from my ward that are in a dinner group today. The mastermind of it all, my rad roommate Heather, decided it might be fun to have dinner group at her house on a Sunday since her family lives in Provo. We all were quite fond of the idea since it is always nice to get away from Provo - oh wait, I guess we didn't - but at least be in a nicer house. Out of the college scene if you know what I mean. Heather INSISTED that Laura, Kim, and I go slave away with her after church to get the meal ready in time - she is sooo lazy, sheesh! Okay I'm kidding, I'm kidding, we of course offered to help and were very happy to. So after church we took the long 10 minute trip to her house (we even brought Squirtle! After all he is basically another roommate - can't leave him out) and had fun cooking together. We sort of made it Thanksgiving-esque with Thanksgiving around the corner so there was Turkey, mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, Brown bread (get it? Heather BROWN ... haha .. ha), and some salad. So Kim and I tag teamed peeling the potatoes, while Heather and Laura set the table and then Laura and I cut up all the carrots after they were peeled (I hate to admit that I was having a lot of trouble peeling the carrots - come to find out I was using the wrong side of the peeler. Don't judge me, it was my first time peeling carrots - We didn't normally buy big carrots at my house growing up, we were more of a baby carrots family. Probably because we are all short - don't judge us). Anyway, here is Laura and I cutting the carrots.

After the Brown bread was finished I had the honors of also learning how to use an electric knife to cut it! Has anyone else never seen an electric knife before? I was in shock, but it was quite the experience. I may have ruined the first few pieces, but I got the hang of it quickly thereafter thankfully. I am so domestic! Here you can see me cutting the bread.

Noe, another member of dinner group, came a bit early too and ended up helping with the final preparations. He was cutting up the red pepper for the salad and as he cut it open he found a tiny green pepper inside of it! Imagine that! A true Thanksgiving miracle. Check it out.

6:00 rolled around and everyone started showing up. We enjoyed quite the feast together around a set table big enough for all of us to fit around it! Well I guess we put two tables together, but still - in our apartments at the Enclave we are never lucky enough to all eat around a table. It was quite the luxury! It was a delicious meal and we are grateful for the Browns for welcoming us into their home for the evening. Here is the group!

These kids are awesome. The Enclave is where it's at people! Be jealous you aren't a part of our dinner group. After we cleaned up a bit, we all headed back home and us roommates had boy talk. It got a little crazy, and I will not mention some of the things that were uttered out of H. Brown's -- no, no, that's too obvious -- Heather B.'s mouth. Considering my mom reads this, it is better to leave some things unsaid. Don't have a heart attack though mom, I am exaggerating, we are good girls and things didn't get too crazy. ;) We made it down to ward prayer to find out that not only are we doing P3 dates (Planned, Paired off, Paid for) within our ward, but we now have another ward's directory to feast upon and set up each other with. It is like facebook stalking, but worse. What is the world coming to? A few of us may or may not have found the hotties in this other ward and set each other up on dates. Who knows what will happen people, who knows. After ward prayer, the men of 219 invited some of us over to the apartment to play games. It was a party to say the least. We played some pool table game, I forget the name, and then we played Scum. Lets just say because I was wearing sunglasses the whole time, I took the spot of Queen in the game for a few rounds. Unfortunately, Jeff offered me fruity pebbles during one of the rounds and I clearly was too focused on those and went down to scum. We are blaming it on the fruity pebbles, and I don't wanna talk about it anymore than that.

When all is said and done, it was a pretty legit Sunday. Hallelujah for good friends and good food ... well maybe not fruity pebbles.

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  1. As always... I love reading what you are up to! :)