Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Monday, September 30, 2013

Things that excite[d] me lately 5 months ago

DISCLAIMER: So this one time I thought it would be cool to write a blog post and then decide for the next 5 months that I "didn't have time" to add the pictures that belonged in the post before posting it, so it went unposted for - I know, embarrassingly so - that long. "Didn't have time" meaning I only had time to sit on the couch, watch boy meets world, play Memory on Adam's phone 694053485 times in a row, and check Facebook/Instagram one too many times every day while not at work. Okay, I actually did some cool, worthwhile things too during those 5 months, so not to worry... I'm not THAT lame. So insert [5 months ago] next to any time indicators in this post. Be aware that some of these things are way old news, while some are still pretty dang exciting. 

Lately I feel like some really simple things have just felt so exciting to me. Maybe that's weird, but here are some of them:

1. Giving my fridge a makeover. Since Adam and I got married, for like 700 years, we have talked about how we really need refrigerator magnets because it's so annoying when we get wedding announcements/christmas cards (back in December) and we have no way to display them on our fridge. Basically to battle this, we came up with strange arrangements to somehow manage to get three announcements to hang up with just one magnet. Our fridge looked like a mess. I couldn't even enjoy looking at any of it, but everywhere we looked we couldn't find any that we liked. One night Adam came up with an idea to just make our own and glue magnets on the back... this broadened our horizons a lot! So in the scrapbook section of Walmart I ended up finding these little circular badges, some with cute designs, some with words, and the cutest colors. So I got an assortment of them and ended up finding magnets that actually had adhesive on them so I was able to easily stick these badges on the magnets and BAM! Now have the cutest fridge ever!!! I seriously was so excited last Friday night when I arranged everything (we weren't feeling so well so we stayed in) that I kept saying to Adam, "hun, our fridge is sooooo. CUTE!" and after the third time saying it I am pretty sure he thought I was a weirdo. Nonetheless, I love it. Observe:
2. This bike. On Thursday night, Adam and I went to Walmart because.... drum roll..... I found the bike that I wanted to get with my birthday money! That's right, I am a proud owner of that new bike! I am so excited to ride it around as it starts to get warmer. It's a win win, because I think riding a bike and listening to music is so fun but ALSO good exercise! What could be better!? I'm pretty sure Adam was excited too that I got it because he got to scoot around on it through the rest of our shopping trip. :) Here I am with it:
3. Classy water bottles. On that same shopping trip, Adam and I also invested in sturdy water bottles for ourselves. Mine is purple and his is black. Both of us struggle with drinking enough water (I think we've refilled our brita filter like 3 times since we have been married...and it's been six months...and we don't drink water out of the sink...oops), so not only will it help us drink more water, but we also think it will help curb hunger. Since I put water in mine yesterday I seriously keep wanting to drink out of it just because it looks so cool. That probably sounds so dorky, but hey, whatever the reason is that makes me drink more water, I'll take it... witness:

4. My hair. I got my hair highlighted on the same Friday that I gave my fridge a makeover. This one actually doesn't excite me as much because the lady did something funky and so I have this one spot where there's no highlights at all. It actually looks like it would be a legitimate move for someone who was edgy and going for spunk. I however, wasn't going for either of those. I considered going back to the place and complaining but I've been too busy since then (you know, with napping and watching hulu) and just haven't thought about it since. Maybe if I get enough comments on this post that I look like a freak I'll go and do something about it. Feast:

5. Working out for three days in a row. That's right, I've been feeling frumpy lately, which was motivation to start running again. I think it's going to be a habit again now and I'm already feeling much better. Very exciting.

6. Macey's Mondays. Adam and I randomly went to Macey's for 50 cent ice cream cones one Monday and we realized how awesome it was. Not that we hadn't been before, but it suddenly dawned on us that it was the way we could get something sweet whenever we wanted to without breaking the bank. Now we go every Monday and I always look forward to it. There may or may not have been weeks that we went more than once. We also may or may not have put on a few pounds because of this. Sooo, we may or may not alter the tradition to once a month instead...

7. Late nights. The other night Adam and I laid awake in bed far longer than we should have talking about random stuff, laughing, and eating bread. Weird, I know. This however didn't seem as exciting when I had to wake up at 6 the next morning...

8. When this cute lady says "lets put a bandaid on it [her stomach] so it won't happen again [ache]". She got a bandaid. :)

7. The tables you can draw on with chalk at Awful Waffle. Adam and I ate there for date night last night. I was so excited to try it, but then got even more excited when I realized we could draw on the tables. I don't really draw though, but I love to doodle names so this is what I came up with:

8. This hat:

I told Adam he could wear that hat everyday for the rest of his life and I would love it. It would never get old. My oldest bro Dan actually gave it to him and it is the best and only thing he has ever given to him. What a hottie.

What's been exciting to you lately?

[Back to the current day]
Well ladies and gents, I am proud to say that this lady >>>

<<< is BACK. I "have time now" to actually join back into the blogging world. [Side note: Although it may appear otherwise from this post considering I'm wearing it in three of the pictures, I actually don't wear that shirt ^^ like all the time. I do wear a lot of other shirts on a regular basis, promise.] Stay tuned for some more consistent posts about life with my man and those we love (like YOU!). 


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  1. So glad you're back :) I love reading your blog! And I totally miss Provo. Wish we lived by all of you :/