Just a little ray of sunshine

Just a little ray of sunshine

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday shenanigans

For a lot of people, Sunday is usually considered a low-key day or a day of rest. Here at the McKarns household we take a different approach. For us, it's a day of rest AND a day of absolute excitement.

You see, usually we take a 2 to 3 hour nap after getting home from church at noon, but then (and I don't know if it's because of the nap) we end up so hyper that one of the following things usually ends up happening:

a. Adam decides to steal something of mine and hide it so I have to run around the apartment to try and find it

b. Adam himself decides to run around and hide from me and then jump out at me and scare me over and over and over - and every single time it works and I scream! You'd think there are only so many places to hide and I would catch on but this condo actually has a lot of doors I've realized, which opens up a lot of options.

OR (what happened today)

c. Adam decides to try and sneak some ginger ale after he tells me every day that he is on a "no pop" diet [sidenote: for those of you not from the greater Ohio, this means "no soda"; not to worry though, everyday "pop" comes out of his mouth I correct him by saying "you mean soda?" ... it's a common topic of conversation in our household] and as I'm catching him in the act he somehow manages to run away with the soda and he's so fast that he gets me in our hallway and is able to run back out into the
kitchen/living room area before I can and holds the door shut to that area while he "DRINKS WATER" .... but Mrs. McKarns is not stupid, and she knows that he is really drinking the ginger ale! He lets me out after a few minutes and I presume to find the hidden soda here at exhibit A:

His cute little face shown below acting so innocent after he has "drank his water" - PSHT!

Then just a few short hours later I make some popcorn (one of my most prized possessions since being married - don't ask me why, but it's like I got married to Adam and a switch went on in my brain that tells me everyday "Megan, you're addicted to popcorn! Go eat some!") and he steals it from me and runs around the house yet again and hides in every room while I'm chasing him laughing so hard as he pops out of every room in our house and gets away from me each time!

Welp, if I've learned one thing in the last three months of marriage (yep, Adam just notified me as I'm writing this that it's our 3 month anniversary today! how tender!) it's this:

Adam McKarns is a SNEAKY THIEF!

Birthday countdown for the thief: 3 days :)



  1. Dane and I have the same conversation about Soda and Pop everyday as well!! It's called soda!! haha

  2. hahaha you are stinking funny! i love it!